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Have you ever wondered how to get rid of type 2 diabetes naturally ? If so, this is just the clear source that you have been looking for.

Nowadays, with modern lifestyle, diabetes (diabetes mellitus) has become more and more popular. It is considered as a silent killer disease which causes the high mortality.

Diabetes is a disease which caused carbohydrate metabolism disorders when insulin hormone of the pancreas is lacked or reduced the impact in the body. The manifestation of this disease is the glucose level in the blood which is high.Diabetes is also one of the main causes of many serious diseases such as coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular accident, blindness, kidney failure, impotence, gangrene, and so on.

The same as cancer or HIV, the dangers are caused to patients by diabetes which does not show clearly and immediately. This disease has the smoldering nature until you recognized its symptoms. At that time, it is too late.

Therefore, patients with diabetes always feel worried and uncomfortable; even, thinking of them gradually became negative. These ones are not good for their disease. On the contrary, it makes the serious disease anymore. Consequently, how to get rid of type 2 diabetes is the expectation of a larger number of patients who have diabetes.

Ho To Get Rid of diabetes

Can you get rid of type 2 diabetes ?

Before we begin to learn a remedy for diabetes, we should learn how to treat and control diabetes. It can say that diabetes is the leading cause of death by complications. However, we can entirely control this disease, if the patient strictly implements three principles in the treatment of diabetes. There is drinking diet, exercise and medication.

With type 2 diabetes, the patient can completely control the disease. Even, in several cases, the patient can entirely get rid of diabetes by diet and exercise.

Applying diet in the treatment of diabetes:


The main goal in the treatment of diabetes with drinking diet must ensure the following requirements:

  • It gives the amount of sugar in the blood at normal level closer and better.
  • It protects cardiovascular, controls blood pressure, fights the fat which can cause for your heart.
  • It keeps your weight at a reasonable level.
  • It prevents or makes slow the appearance of complications of diabetes.
  • It protects your health. This one helps the patient always feel healthy and optimistic; even, they will comply with the diet better.

Nevertheless, with diabetes, the diet cannot apply for all patients needs to have to be built the sensible way for each person. For patients with diabetes, the diet depends on these following factors:

  • The weight and the gender
  • The occupation (labor level: light, medium or heavy)

In addition, with diabetes, the diet have to comply with the general rule which consists of 3 main energy groups such as carbohydrate, protein and fat.

The amount of carbohydrate (starch) is the main energy source in the body occupies about 50% of overall calories in the diet. There are a large number of starchy products such as bread, cereal, rice, wheat, barley, porridge, tapioca, and so on.

It is noticed that the diet in diabetes ought to contain the type of slow absorbed carbohydrate

  • The amount of protein occupies about 15% in the diet. Therefore, you should use protein from the plan, legume or tofu. With protein in the animal, you should eat fish.
  • The amount of lipid accounts about 35% in the diet of diabetes. If patients with diabetes would like to have the value diet, you should use lipid from fish, milk, cereal, and so on.

The diet of each patient with diabetes need to have to notice the following features:

  • The diet in diabetes should not directly eat the composition of foods which rapidly absorbed sugar. When needing to supplement sugar, you ought to choose the fruits that have the amount of average sugar. Of course, you should not be abused.
  • Patients with diabetes ought to eat the right meals in day (the breakfast, the lunch and the dinner). Besides, they should not eat more small meals or eat too late. Absolutely, you must avoid eating at night because the amount of sugar in the blood easily increased in the following morning.

Patients with diabetes should not eat the processed food


With diabetes, the healthy diet ought to be provided all kinds of vegetables and fruits regularly. The average in day, patients with diabetes (diabetes mellitus) should eat about 400 grams of vegetable and fresh fruits which has effect in anti-aging as well as supplementing vitamins and mineral salt the best. It is the best that you should eat the whole cover because the fiber in fruits and vegetables are important components. They help decrease the amount of sugar in the blood after eating. However, all fruits are entirely good for patients with diabetes, so they need to avoid several fresh fruits such as grape, mango, sugar-apple, longan, and so on. In addition, with diabetes, the diet is able to supplement milk or dairy products, but you must use milk without sugar.

Applying exercise regime for patients with diabetes

Seniors Fitness

Diabetics need to have to exercise regularly and correctly; especially, it suits for the health of each person. There is the treatment which brings to a large number of benefits for patients with diabetes. In particular, with the case for type 2 diabetes, regular exercise is the priority method of treatment and need to be planned in detail. Since regular exercise helps not only control the amount of sugar in the blood daily but also improve blood sugar control better for the long time. In addition, it helps the body to increase insulin sensitivity in the blood. Consequently, the requirement of insulin will be increased. Moreover, the risk of cardiovascular complications (as atherosclerosis or hypertension) is also reduced. These effects are extremely important for patients with type 2 diabetes. When insulin sensitivity decreases, it will be a major cause of hyperglycemia in patients with diabetes. Furthermore, regular exercise can also decrease the average from 5 – 10 mmHg in systolic blood pressure (maximum blood pressure) and diastolic blood pressure (minimum blood pressure). Both the body weight and excess fat are reduced in patients with type 2 diabetes.

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In brief, if you want to get rid of diabetes naturally, you not only use natural therapies but also have to a reasonable diet and exercise regularly and steadily. According to the specialist, there are forced factors that you need to have to coordinate closely in order to get your blood sugar levels to normal levels.

It can say that the factors of diabetes treatment are not the common standard for all people who applied. In fact, they are applied for each patient.

Each person has a different body condition, so they need to have to themselves understand better than anyone else. Therefore, you should combine these above elements so as to care for yourself. However, the reality is not easy because many patients said that they did not know how to eat, how much they eat, what they have to eat and how to train in order to be good for the blood sugar. Consequently, patients with diabetes need to have to adjust the daily eating and exercise more reasonable. Combining with natural therapies, you should also consider 1 in 4 the above products in order to get rid of diabetes by the rapid way.

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